JK Tyre BLAZE BA21 Summary

Tyre Type: Tubeless, Tube Type
Fits In: Scooter, E-Rickshaw
Section Width : 80 mm - 100 mm
Aspect Ratio : 80 - 100
Construction Type : Bias
Rim Diameter : 10 inches - 12 inches
Load Index Rating: 50 - 54
Speed Symbol: J
Maximum Load: 190 - 212
Warranty Days: 2190

JK Tyre BLAZE BA21 Features

  • Excellent Dry & Wet Grip
  • Smooth Ride
  • Excellent Maneuverability on all terrains
  • Better Grip while cornering
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JK Tyre BLAZE BA21 Overview

JK Tyre BLAZE BA21 tyres is compatible with Scooter, and its price starts from Rs. 775. JK Tyre BLAZE BA21 is available in about 8 variants. Along with JK Tyre BLAZE BA21, other JK Tyre are BLAZE BA22 (price starting at Rs. 1,146) and BLAZE BA23 (price starting at Rs. 962). Other popular tyres in the same price band are MT 914 - MAX MILER and .

JK Tyre BLAZE BA21 Description

The JK Tyre BLAZE BA21 is mainly a tyre for the road that does not prevent from accompanying you on track occasion. The tyre comes in a new compound and tread pattern adapted to different stages of driving and it has been optimised for braking at front and traction at rear. The shoulders are slick which is why the rider gets an excellent grip during strong cornering situations. There is stability on angles especially under high acceleration. The tyres perform well in wet weather conditions. The optimized rubber sipe and the strong tyre shoulders assist the rider to corner in wet weather conditions with maximum traction and grip. The tread design helps in shorter braking even in wet weather conditions. The wide groove channels seep away the water from the contact patch enabling resistance to aquaplaning. The chamfered shoulder blocks assist the driver to corner with confidence even in wet weather conditions. The tread pattern ensures sufficient comfort and reduces the tyre noise resulting in a smooth ride. The deep grooves provide channeling of water away from the contact patch which results in maximum resistance to hydroplaning and improved handling in wet weather conditions. The stability and the traction is enhanced thanks to the water channeling ability.

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The Price of JK Tyre BLAZE BA21 is Rs. ₹775 - ₹1,386
JK Tyre BLAZE BA21 comes in Tubeless and Tube Type
JK Tyre BLAZE BA21 can fit into Scooter
The section width of JK Tyre BLAZE BA21 starts at 80 mm and ranges till 100 mm
JK Tyre BLAZE BA21 comes in 8 variants.

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