Wheel care

We at TyrePlex are on a mission to keep your wheels and tyres healthy because tyres and wheels together form a complex structure that carries the load of your vehicle. In addition to this, your vehicle’s tyre goes through a series of conditions which make them prone to wear. At this juncture, your vehicle’s tyres require utmost care to keep you and your family safe on every drive. Hence, we present you the best wheel care that you can possibly have!

Wheel Balancing

Wheels play a crucial role in providing performance. At this point, wheel balancing becomes a necessity since they maintain the symmetry of your vehicle not only in structure but also in terms of weight distribution. Wheel balancing sorts out the differences in weight distribution with the help of weights to gain a flawless ride and on this note, we at TyrePlex have inculcated it as a part of our mission to enhance your vehicle’s ride quality by providing the best wheel balancing experience.

Would you like to get Wheel Alignment done for your vehicle ?

TyrePlex is all set to provide you the best wheel alignment experience. We provide best-in-class wheel alignment procedures at our dealerships and you will have 100% guaranteed satisfaction.
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