CEAT Tyres

Commonly known as CEAT, Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino is a tyre company that is known to be the pioneer of tyre manufacturers all over the world. Established in Turin, Italy, in the year 1924, the tyre company serves to a wide variety of customers all across the globe and has a prominent presence in the global markets. This is basically the flagship company of RPG groups that serve to almost all type of vehicle models. Besides that, the tires manufactured by CEAT are known for their extreme resistance to weather conditions and high-performance attributes. The tyres are durable and can provide you with a seamless performance on the roads. 


Stock Price for CEAT


There are 50 CEAT Tyres available, out of which 23 can be fitted into car, 27 can be fitted in bike and 5 can be fitted into scooter.
There are 8 tyre series in CEAT which are SECURA, MILAZE, ZOOM, ZOOM RAD, CZAR, GRIPP, BULAND MILE XL and ANMOL.
The lowest-priced tyre in CEAT is CEAT Secura F85 and available for Rs.745 and the highest priced tyre is CEAT CZAR HP for Rs.6550.
CEAT are available in Tube Type and Tubeless.

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