Tyre Care and Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Car Safe This Monsoon Season

A rainy day is not just a rainy day but a well deserved respite from the harsh summers of India. It feels even better when the rainy days turn into weeks and eventually a full month of Monsoon. 

Persistent rains during monsoon, provide the necessary respite from the scorching heat, but it also means trouble for the daily commuter. 

While you may find a number of ways to keep the beauty of the exteriors of your car intact, we will focus on keeping the safety of your car intact. 

Frequent rain means more water on cars when parked or driving, higher traffic, water filled and slippery roads, lower visibility, frequent braking and less control. Hence, your car's tyres and braking system have to be in the best shape to keep you and your vehicle safe. 


Tyres are the only part of your vehicle which are in touch with the road and help you keep in control. Tyre care and maintenance becomes even more important during the monsoon season. 

Safety Tips:

  1. Visual check for wear and tear : Check your vehicle's tyres for any kind of uneven wear and tear, this can be checked by looking at the tyre tread and if you see more wear on one side than the other, go for alignment and balancing of your vehicle. 
  1. Tread Depth:

Always make sure to have enough tread depth on tyres because more tread means more grip on the road, especially on wet roads.

Tread Wear Indicators (TWI) are bars of rubber with height of 1.6 mm (Passenger Vehicle and Truck & Bus) and 0.8 mm (Two and Three-Wheeler) above the base of tread groove. One should replace the tyre when tread wear reaches the level of TWI. Worn out tyres require longer distance to stop which could lead to accidents. Particularly during rains, worn out tyre adversely affect handling and increase the risk of skidding.

  1. Tyre Pressure: Maintain the tyre pressure recommended by Car manufacturer and check tyre pressure at least once in a month. The right tyre pressure for your vehicle can be checked here. Correct tyre pressure ensures that optimum amount of tyre tread is touching the road, leading to better grip and braking performance. Optimum tyre pressure also reduces tyre irregular wear resulting in longer tyre life.
  1. Change of Tyre:

In case the tyres of your vehicle have uneven wear and tear or if the tread depth reaches to TWI level or if you observe any cuts or bulge or any cracks it is recommended to change the tyres with a set of new ones. 

What to look for when changing tyres especially during monsoon:

  1. Excellent wet grip 
  2. Excellent braking 

Check out the products of Bridgestone: Bridgestone Potenza | Bridgestone Turanza | Bridgestone Dueler | Bridgestone Ecopia

Here are some of our recommendations for tyres with excellent braking and wet grip:

  1. Bridgestone Potenza

If you own a luxury vehicle then Potenza is the tyre for you. Bridgestone Potenza has tread patterns made specifically for better braking and  excellent wet grip. The block and slick combination in potenza improves traction and braking performance. The outside block is enlarged and reinforced to improve wet and dry handling. Potenza tyres come with 3 years unconditional warranty* and on spot claim settlement making the ownership experience worry and hassle free.

  1. Bridgestone Turanza:

Bridgestone Turanza’s are the first choice of world’s leading auto makers like Audi’s, BMW’s, Toyota, for comfort and safety. Along with high grip and precision driving, they offer ultimate comfort in form of ultra low noise and vibrations.

3. Bridgestone Dueler

If you are heading on a road trip during the monsoon season and own a SUV then Dueler is the tyre for you. Made specifically for higher traction and strong grip, Bridgestone Dueler can navigate all terrains with ease. Bridgestone Dueler’s straight grooves reduce the risk of hydroplaning leading to higher safety and better grip even on wet roads. Deep grooves on Bridgestone Dueler provide extra tyre life. Bridgestone Dueler comes with 3 year unconditional warranty* and on-spot settlement.

4. Bridgestone Ecopia

If you are environmentally conscious and want to drive in the city for your daily commute, Bridgestone Ecopia is what you need. Bridgestone Ecopia has low rolling resistance, leading to better fuel efficiency. Optimized 3D block shape pushes the water aside for smooth rolling and better comfort. As per ARAI EP150 can save upto 7% and EP850 can save upto 10% fuel as compared to standard tyres under standard test conditions. 

No matter which kind of vehicle you own and which terrain you want to drive, Bridgestone will keep you safe and sound with its exclusive range and type of tyres.

Disclaimer-The technology applied and the product specifications will vary by pattern in the Potenza category

*T&C Apply. Bridgestone Xpress Unconditional Warranty Is Applicable Only On Select Patterns.

For More Information, Please Visit Https://www.bridgestone.co.in/en

**on-the-spot Claim Settlement Is Applicable Only In Certain Dealerships.

Check out the products of Bridgestone: Bridgestone Potenza | Bridgestone Turanza | Bridgestone Dueler | Bridgestone Ecopia

So whether you are a daily commuter or you are looking for a road trip this monsoon, get your vehicle's wheels and braking system checked before the monsoons hit in full fury. If you are looking for a wheel alignment and balancing book here. Check out the latest Bridgestone tyres.

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