Yokohama A539

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₹ 4,249

2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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Fits In :  Car

Yokohama A539 Summary

Tyre Type Tubeless
Fits In Car
Section Width 165 mm
Aspect Ratio 60
Construction Type Radial
Rim Diameter 12 inches
Load Index Rating 71 - 80
Speed Symbol S, H
Maximum Load 1380
Warranty Days 548
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Yokohama A539 Features

  • Superb traction in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Excellent braking performance.
  • Reduces road noise levels and improves ride comfort.
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Yokohama A539 Overview

Yokohama A539 tyres is compatible with Car, and its price starts from Rs. 4,249. Yokohama A539 is available in about 2 variants. Along with Yokohama A539, other Yokohama Tyres are EARTH-1 E400 (price starting at Rs. 4,005) and Geolander A/T G015 (price starting at Rs. 5,837). Other popular tyres in the same price band are Alnac 4G and B250.

Yokohama A539 Description

Built upon the highly acclaimed Yokohama A520, the A539 is the successor of this champion performer. It is an entry-level passenger car tyre. The A539 gets unique tread pattern and innovative mix of compounds which not only makes it durable and tough but also comfortable for the occupants. The use of silica compound has bettered its wet braking capability alongside has even minimized its wear ratio compared to the A520. Tyre noise is a problem which can take away the joy of driving; to elude this issue the Yokohama A539 is designed to reduce the noise to substantially lower levels. The high, rigid shoulder blocks ensure it remains stable even at high speeds and when it is put to test during sharp cornering. Since it is an entry-level passenger car tyre, two of its traits prove to be highly beneficial for owners – one, it has got one of the best braking abilities in the segment and two, it aids in extracting better mileage figures. Features & Benefits The asymmetrical tread pattern of the Yokohama A539 ensures you get incredible grip and stability while cornering. Built on the top-performer A520, the Yokohama A539 carries over the legacy to an all-new level. Unique tread block arrangement with bites at the edges gives it an added advantage during emergency braking and high speed acceleration. Due to its innovative pattern, the tyre noise is muffled to a great degree ensuring peaceful ride to the occupants. Use of Silica compound makes the A-series tyre more flexible at low temperatures. This also bestows excellent grip under wet conditions. A mile muncher! The Yokohama A539 is tough, durable and offers long-lasting performance even when used in challenging conditions. The asymmetrical tread pattern comes with rigid shoulder blocks and uses patented ZERUMA technology. The deep tread grooves ensure better water channelling and slush dispersal under hazardous conditions.

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