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The Honda Activa i comes with the tyre size of 90/90 R12. There are 10 tyre manufacturers like MRF, CEAT and Apollo that offers tyre options for Activa i. Tyre prices for Honda Activa i starts at Rs. 811 and popular tyre models that fit are

Honda Activa i Tyre Size

Variant Name (Tyre Size Guide)

Front & Rear
Tyre Size
Tyre Price (Starts From)
90/100 R10 & 90/100 R10
₹ 837
125 Standard
90/90 R12 & 90/100 R10
₹ 811
DLX Standard
90/100 R10 & 90/100 R10
₹ 837
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Popular Tyre Brands for Honda Activa i

Honda Activa i Tyre Pressure

The tyre pressure for Honda Activa i variants starts from 22 psi. There are 3 variants available for Activa i, check the tyre pressure for your Activa i variant below.
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Honda Activa i Tyre FAQs

Honda Activa i comes in 2 tyre size(s) starting from 10 inches to 12 inches

The tyre pressure for Honda Activa i variants ranges from 22 psi to 36 psi.

Tyre models like NYLOGRIP ZAPPER, Gripp X3 and CITY PRO IND fit in Honda Activa i Scooter.

The tyres which fit in Honda Activa i Scooter, ranges from Rs.811 - Rs.2,500

MRF, CEAT and Apollo are the most popular brands whose tyre fits in Honda Activa i.

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