Modified Volkswagen Polo Is A Beauty And A Beast

A car reflects mans personality and unlike any other materialistic thing on earth this modified Volkswagen Polo is indeed a delight. It is said that if you treat a car right then the car will treat you right. There is no doubt that this machine works like a car enthusiast's heart. You put your heart and soul to it and it will show its love back to you.

Interesting isn't it? Well, the car we present to you belongs to a man who put his soul before everything to treat it well.

The two face custom paint job of the Volkswagen Polo indeed looks like the two sides to a coin, perfectly executed plan by the owner and the decision to choose such a colour must be definitely appreciated.

This passionate owner has indeed done a great job with the two tone exterior- A black and white combination that brings out the charm of the car to both the likes of people who wish the car to be in black as well as the people who wish the car to be white.

This car is a reflection of the best in other cars out in the world of customization.

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The tyres used here are the Yokohama S Drive 205/55/R15 which is known for its reliability and strength. The design of this tyre model by Yokohama has been created with the best technology available. The tread pattern of the S.Drive is the result of Yokohama's advanced testing and simulation technology.

The "variable angled groove" as mentioned by Yokohama optimizes contact with the road with the best tread pattern that provides enhanced traction while cornering. The 'Groove in Groove' design came into existence with the purpose of eliminating tyre wear. The pattern block effectively distributes stress load while trying to handle your vehicle in and out of a corner.

The tyre is a perfect fit for cars ranging from the compact class to a roadster as mentioned by Yokohama. This tyre line-up will catch the interest of car modifiers. The tyre is available in new range - High Inch narrow width tyres that are optimal for slender wheel- housings and will advance the performance of the car.

The car enthusiasts who would wish to push their cars to absolute limits can now do it since the tyre is well suited for speeds up to 300km/h. The tyres can also handle maximum load up to 560 kilogram. It also comes with custom glossy black alloy wheels.

The front grill has been changed to R- line with a well suited WRC bumper and a complete chrome delete has been initiated to make the car look stealthy.

The exhaust system mounted on is the Borla Spit fire version which lets you see flames thrown out like that of a fire dragon. The suspension component used are the bilstein B14 coilovers which provides smooth ride with stiffness if you wish to hug the corners of a road.

The stock headlights have been changed to projector headlights of the DHC HID brand kit- 5000k with 55W. It is also accompanied with DHC LED fog lamps. This will definitely illuminate and increase the visibility of the road ahead and adds on to the muscular look of the car.

As mentioned earlier, "if you serve the car right then it will serve you back well". So go crazy over your car and customize it to whatever suits your personality. As somebody mentioned, "a car is your reflection, so be gentle with it." - ciao

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