T-Roc Tyre Pressure

The required tyre pressure for T-Roc front tyre is 35 psi, and for rear tyre is 35 psi. Volkswagen T-Roc Car comes in 1 variant(s) and below you can find the correct tyre pressure that needs to be filled in all 4 tyres. The air pressure for T-Roc Tyres varies for Loaded and Unloaded vehicle. Popular tyre manufacturers that produces tyres for Volkswagen T-Roc are MRF, CEAT and Goodyear

Recommended tyre pressure for Volkswagen T-Roc

Without Load

  • Front

    35 PSI

  • Rear

    35 PSI

With Load

  • Front

    35 PSI

  • Rear

    35 PSI

Driving Conditions

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Tyre Pressure For Volkswagen T-Roc

T-Roc Variant(s) Front Tyre
Rear Tyre
Tyre Size
1.5 TSI
35 35
215/55 R17
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Volkswagen T-Roc Tyre Pressure FAQs

The required tyre pressure for Volkswagen T-Roc is 35 psi for front tyre and for rear tyre is 35 psi.

Tyre models like JK Tyre UX ROYALE, CEAT SecuraDrive and Apollo Alnac 4G fit in Volkswagen T-Roc Cars.

Yes, the air pressure of Volkswagen T-Roc varies for loaded and unloaded vehicles.

The correct tyre pressure is important, to increase the life of the tyre, stay safe on the road and to get the best mileage from the vehicle.

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