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₹ 8,778 - ₹ 27,560

5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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Check if this Tyre fits in your vehicle

Fits In :  Car

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Tyre Type Tubeless
Fits In Car
Section Width 205 mm - 265 mm
Aspect Ratio 45 - 70
Construction Type Radial
Rim Diameter 16 inches - 19 inches
Load Index Rating 91 - 112
Speed Symbol H, Y, T, V, W
Maximum Load 3800 - 4480
Warranty Days 1825
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  • Smooth Ride
  • Low Noise
  • Excellent Braking
  • Superior Comfort
  • Superior Grip
  • Excellent Handling
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Goodyear EFFICIENTGRIP SUV tyres is compatible with Car, and its price starts from Rs. 8,778. Goodyear EFFICIENTGRIP SUV is available in about 10 variants. Along with Goodyear EFFICIENTGRIP SUV, other Goodyear Tyres are Assurance TripleMax (price starting at Rs. 3,471) and ASSURANCE TRIPLEMAX 2 (price starting at Rs. 4,545). Other popular tyres in the same price band are PRIMACY 4ST and Wanderer Sport.

Goodyear EFFICIENTGRIP SUV Description

Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV is a tyre dedicated for the premium and high-end luxury SUVs. It gets many latest know-hows and Goodyear’s patented technologies. One of the most silent and comfortable offerings from Goodyear, the EfficientGrip SUV features better safety and innovative technology that minimizes outside noise. It is ideal for luxury car drivers who wish to escape the flurry of the metropolitan world the moment they enter their cars. Keeping up with the trademark of Goodyear, EfficientGrip SUV also delivers utmost protection in every condition, no matter how dry or wet the setup is. It is also the first choice for original equipment on several premium vehicles like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Land Rover, etc. It is a perfect amalgamation of high-performance compound and exceptional grip that offers flawless performance on long routes. The tyre is one of the best in its segment and outdoes its rivals and possesses an attractive look and premium feel with its tread. Features & Benefits Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV has been given an unconventional asymmetric tread design to deliver a superior surefooted grip. The additional layer of rubber absorbs the vibrations of the tyre and diminishes the effect of road indiscretions for a smoother ride. The carcass of EfficientGrip SUV has been designed using the ‘Quiet Tred Technology’ that limits its noise for a soundless ride performance. The lightweight structure and pioneering silica tread compound lower the rolling resistance of EfficientGrip SUV leading to better fuel mileage. The EfficientGrip SUV tyre gets closed grooves and shoulder design that diminishes noise generated via reduced radial air pumping which assists in lower levels of exterior and interior noise. It gets wider centerline sipes that maintain the contact area balance and provide enhanced water dispersal to improve wet braking as well as provide resistance to hydroplaning. The EfficientGrip SUV acquires heavy gauge under the tread and barrier gum strip that enables additional insulation of tyre structure and cause least vibration levels.

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The Price of Goodyear EFFICIENTGRIP SUV is Rs. ₹8,778 - ₹27,560

Goodyear EFFICIENTGRIP SUV comes in Tubeless

Goodyear EFFICIENTGRIP SUV can fit into Car

The section width of Goodyear EFFICIENTGRIP SUV starts at 205 mm and ranges till 265 mm

Goodyear EFFICIENTGRIP SUV comes in 10 variants.

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