Apollo ALNAC 4G S Summary

Tyre Type: Tubeless
Fits In: Car
Section Width : 175 mm - 215 mm
Aspect Ratio : 60 - 65
Construction Type : Radial
Rim Diameter : 14 inches - 16 inches
Load Index Rating: 84 - 99
Speed Symbol: S, H, V
Maximum Load: 2000 - 2760
Warranty Days: 1825

Apollo ALNAC 4G S Features

  • Excellent Dry & Wet Grip
  • Excellent Braking
  • Highly Stable
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Apollo ALNAC 4G S Overview

Apollo ALNAC 4G S tyres is compatible with Car, and its price starts from Rs. 3,994. Apollo ALNAC 4G S is available in about 12 variants. Along with Apollo ALNAC 4G S, other Apollo Tyres are QUANTUM PLUS (price starting at Rs. 3,579) and QUANTUM (price starting at Rs. 3,643). Other popular tyres in the same price band are Komet Plus KR23 and ASSURANCE TRIPLEMAX HY1.

Apollo ALNAC 4G S Description

The one of a kind tread compound gets the integration of higher Tg (Glass transition temperature) rubber in the Apollo Alnac 4GS. The tread design comes with larger outer shoulder that helps in excellent grip and vehicle stability over the surface especially during highway drives. The apt rubber compound results in precise steering control in city as well as on the long routes. The firm looking rib at the centre is optimised for better stick on the road surface. It also offers excellent grip during sudden hard braking under dry weather, alongside enhanced wet grip and better water channelling on a rainy day. The tyre is made available in single rim size of 15-inch and has 5 different variations to choose from. On the Alnac 4GS, Apollo offers a 5 year standard manufacturer warranty. Features & Benefits The Alnac 4GS is one of the most reliable tyre in its segment with long list of attributes.The tyre gets unique tread compound that is high on Tg (Glass transition temperature) rubber.The tyre receives unique tread design with large shoulder pattern.Specially optimized contact patch gets rigid rib at the centre for better traction.Alnac 4GS offers fine quality driving precision and better stability while cornering.Confident steering control while changing lanes at high speeds.Superior vehicle control in the stop-n-go city traffic.Outstanding consistency of the vehicle during highway driving.Superior braking during sudden / emergency situation.Made available in 15-inch rim size and 5 different variations.Best manufacturer warranty cover by Apollo.

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Apollo ALNAC 4G S FAQs

The Price of Apollo ALNAC 4G S is Rs. ₹3,994 - ₹7,809
Apollo ALNAC 4G S comes in Tubeless
Apollo ALNAC 4G S can fit into Car
The section width of Apollo ALNAC 4G S starts at 175 mm and ranges till 215 mm
Apollo ALNAC 4G S comes in 12 variants.

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