Which Tyre Would You Choose For The Kia Sonet?

When designing a car, the creators seek for inspiration from anything and everything and the Kia Sonet is a good example of a brilliant design that has been iterated carefully with the help from "creative inspiration".

Kia Sonet is indeed an artistic endeavour which has been widely accepted by the people of our society. The Sonet is a well defined car in terms of its compact SUV stance and the designer's choice of design has not gone wrong. This compact SUV is a masterpiece from Kia which brings excitement to the auto enthusiasts. The spy-shots were embraced even before its launch, creating superiority complex in other compact SUVs.

Well the performance of the engine and transmission will not matter as long as the tyres do not perform well enough. It is a fact that Kia Sonet is a well constructed vehicle but do not forget that without good set of tyres, the horses under the hood is an utter waste.

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We present you with a detailed explanation regarding the tyres of the Kia Sonet:

The Kia Sonet comes with 215/60 R16 sized tyres- MRF WANDERER ecotred Street and Apollo Alnac 4G.

MRF WANDERER ecotred Street:

MRF wanderer street is meant for a wide range of SUV’s. The tyre has bold sidewall graphics which makes the vehicle look stylish and distinctive. The computer-generated tread-block sequence provides the performance that is needed on rough road surfaces. The cut-resistant tread compounds ensure longer life or durability. In addition to all these features, the multi layered reinforced steel belt with the N-66 cap ply enhances performance in all types of terrains.

The continuous and deep grooves from center to corner provide good grip and cornering capabilities. The deep groove channels the water away from the contact patch resulting in resistance to aquaplaning which provides traction to corner. The innovative tread compound and robust construction minimize tread wear and the tread pattern offers confident wet and dry grip performance

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Apollo Alnac 4G:

The Alnac 4G offers high-quality driving precision, outstanding control and improved stability while driving on the paved roads. The tyres will also provide sufficient comfort even on a rough section of road.

The tyre provides excellent comfort on highways and increases the fuel economy. The tread pattern of the tyre along with larger outer shoulder assists the driver by providing precise steering control during lane change maneuvers. The stiffer rib at the center and specially optimized contact patch provides stability as well as precise steering output.

The robust tyre construction ensures high puncture resistance and performance consistency throughout the tyre’s life expectancy mentioned by the manufacturer. The tyres perform well even on bad road conditions. The tyre is suitable for the Indian road conditions and the manufacturer has focused on increasing the average fuel economy.

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