Tyre Game, A Game Of Imagination Since The World Is A Stage

Everything in this materialistic world has been evolving eventually. Tyres like every other product has also gone through the process of evolution. First we had wheels made of chipped rock, then came the wooden rim and finally it evolved into conventional pneumatic tyres. As they evolved, they became an essential commodity for not only functioning as a component of vehicles but also taking forms such as a building, shelter and furniture.

Tyres also keep people healthy and happy. Yes, its true, Haven't you heard about "Tyre Game", Not a computer simulator but a real life game. We introduce you to a game that evolves imagination and brings in a wider perspective that we as adults tend to forget. We state that we have responsibilities and move away from simply imagining things like kids do which has left our lives empty. We are just saying that we should look up to young ones to learn what it means to live a life with freedom and happiness.

The rejected tyres of motorcycles and bicycles have been used for playing games such as the locally called "Tyre game" which is popular in India. Nasrin Akhter, who works for the development of people in Char Dawabari stated that more than 90-percent of children who are under the age of twelve play the tyre game.

Basically, children imagine it to be the tyres of their imaginary vehicle and roll the tyre using a stick. It is a fun game. With no doubt, one can state that it is fun game to play but sadly the game is seen played by only people in the rural areas.

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“It isn't possible for the char children to buy cricket bat and ball, football and other sports accessories due to financial constraint, so they play games that don't need expensive equipment,” said Nasrin, a NGO worker.

Hamid, a villager says that he had bought two tyres from a junk yard which is keeping his children happy. They play the Tyre game in their leisure time and enjoy as much as they can. I have never seen them sad or bored by playing the "Tyre game."

Jagadeesh, a 13-year old boy who is in clas VIII states that “We don't get football and other sports equipment easily in the char, so we play the games that don't need expensive equipment.”

Its a fact that burdens our mind- the children who are not able to afford the luxuries that we often ignore is indeed a sign for us to think whether we really are unhappy with our life. Stay safe and let all goodness be showered upon you. Cheers.

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