Maxxis India Suspends Operations At Its Sanand Facility

Maxxis India has suspended manufacturing operations at its Sanand Facility in Ahmedabad, till 14th April, 2020 in view of the lock down to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Maxxis said that being a responsible and conscious brand, it is keeping the safety, health and hygiene of its employees, customers, business partners and the communities as its top priority.

The company added that additional precautionary measures have also been taken by the Maxxis India Management with respect to safety of the employees and keeping business continuity in mind:

  1. Discontinuation of travel for all employees until further notice - both domestic or international.
  2. Distribution of masks and personal safety equipment to essential personnel.
  3. Prioritizing health and safety of employees and community at large by implementing work from home facility.
  4. Using digital interfaces such as teleconference and video conferencing for corporate communication.

The management is monitoring the situation on a real-time basis and is taking appropriate measures as necessary with the evolving situation, it said.

Maxxis joins Apollo and CEAT in the list of Indian tyre manufacturers who have announced temporary shutdowns of their manufacturing plants.

The move comes after the Indian government's decision to impose a strict 21 day lock down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. As cases keep on rising everyday, there was simply no choice but to enforce a nationwide lock down to prevent the virus from spreading further. The decision however has forced major automotive manufacturers, including tyre companies to shut up shop and close down their factories. SIAM predicts that the plant closures of Auto OEMs & Components could cause a loss of more than Rs 2,300 crores in turnover for each day of closure.

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It was just last week that The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) and Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) had requested all vehicle manufacturers and component makers to consider plant shutdown in order to limit the rapid spread of coronavirus.

According to the guidelines given by the government, all commercial and private establishments have to remain shut during the lockdown, with people allowed to work from home only. 

The government has also said that all non-essential services need to remain shut during this lock down, this will include all Union and state-government run offices except for defence, CRPF, treasury and public utilities like PNG, petroleum, LPG and CNG. 

Electricity, water and sanitation offices will also remain functional. 

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