Upsizing Tyres For Maruti Suzuki Swift: All You Need To Know

  • Maruti Swift tyre upsizing varies from 185 mm to 205 mm (width)
  • The Swift comes in two tyre sizes: 165mm for L/V versions & 185mm for Z/Z+ trims
  • Read about the advantages and disadvantages of tyre upsizing

What is tyre upsizing?

Tyre upsizing is basically increasing the width or height (mostly width) of a tyre to give it a bigger appearance than the stock or standard one. You shouldn't confuse tyre upsizing with rim upsizing as the two are completely different from each other. Rim upsizing deals with upgrading the wheel size/diameter of the wheels on the vehicle while tyre upsizing solely involves the tyres.

Tyre upsizing for the Maruti Suzuki Swift

Choosing aftermarket alloy wheels and upsizing car tyres is becoming more and more popular. Not only does upsizing improve the grip levels of the tyres, it also improves the car's aesthetics. Talking about aesthetics, the word is reminiscent of one car in particular that is hands down one of the best looking hatchbacks in the country- the Maruti Swift. Lets have a look at some of the tyre upsize options for the popular hatchback.

Maruti Suzuki Swift comes with 14-inch steel wheels for the base and mid-spec model and its top-end model gets 15-inch alloy wheels. 

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You will find many instances where owners of the Swift have fitted 16-inch alloy wheels. We highly discourage rim upsizing beyond a certain limit. Never upsize rims beyond the highest stock rim size (15 inches for Maruti Swift) used in the highest variant if you have a base or mid-spec trim. If you have the highest trim available for the model which already has the rims maxed out then please don't upsize your rims further.

We say this because of the effect it will have on the suspension and electronics of the vehicle. It's honestly foolish to upsize beyond the rim size of the highest trim of the car as it is simply not built to accommodate such tall rims. These rims are already maxed out and going beyond this will result in a loss of comfort, malfunctioning electronics and extreme wear and tear on the suspension.

Maruti Suzuki Swift comes in 165/80 R14 and 185/65 R15 tubeless tyres. The former size is carried by the 14-inch steel wheels on the LXi, VXi, VXi AMT, VDi, and VDi AMT trims respectively while the latter size is carried by the 15-inch alloys on the higher trims like ZXi, ZXi AMT, ZXi +, ZXi+ AMT, ZDi, ZDi AMT, ZDi+ and ZDi+ AMT. 

The above sizes are stock sizes or factory fitted tyres that are offered. There are two upsize options that we recommend for the two tyre sizes available for the Maruti Suzuki Swift:

The lower trims which get 165/80 R14 as the stock size can be replaced with a tyre of larger width and lower aspect ratio of 185/70 R14 tyres. It gives the car a low profile appearance and the ground clearance is only hampered by 0.8 percent. As a second option, you can also upsize the rims to 15 inches to match with the higher trims while using a tyre of size 195/60 R15 to go along with the 15 inchers. This second option reduces the diameter by 4.6mm and reduces ground clearance by about 0.7 percent.

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For the higher trims, the stock size is 185/65 R15. The recommended upsizing here is the 195/60 R15 followed by a second upsize option of 205/55 R15. Again, do not upsize the rims to 16 inches as it will only weaken your suspension and create issues with your electronics.

Advantages of upsizing

Once you're done with your upsizing you'll notice that it not only improves the overall looks of the car but also makes a huge change in the steering response which eventually improves the drivability and stability of the car. Wider tyres provide more grip and good traction over wet or dry surfaces. Another benefit of upsizing the tyre is better 'high speed cornering' and an improved braking distance.

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However, we would once again like to stress the importance of not overdoing things. Upsizing beyond certain limits will only do more harm than good. So keep your car health in mind and heed to our recommendations to get the best results.

Disadvantages of upsizing

One drawback though that definitely comes with the upsizing is the drop in mileage figures which is usually about 5%. 

Also, with upsizing, the suspension of the car usually wears out earlier than before and you can also void the company warranty. They might also charge extra when you go for the wheel alignment process. And if the alloy wheels are bent then there is an extra charge for that too. 

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