CEAT Offers 50% Off On Wheel Alignment And Balancing

One of India's leading tyre manufacturers, CEAT, is offering discounts worth 50% on wheel alignment and balancing at all its CEAT shoppes.

The following are the discounted rates that will be followed across all CEAT shoppes for both wheel alignment as well as wheel balancing. Prices below are inclusive of GST.

It is important to note that additional charges will be applicable on lead weights ( if required) for any corrections that are performed.

Alignment and balancing issues can plague your car tyres for a long time without you even realising it. Not only can poor wheel alignment and balancing accelerate tyre wear, it can reduce your fuel efficiency, make wheels work against each other, place strain on suspension components, and impede braking ability. It can also cause vibration issues that can reduce the comfort and drivability of your car.

CEAT's offer is a great chance for new tyre owners to cash in on an amazing deal. It is always recommended that wheel alignment and balancing be performed whenever a new set of tyres are installed. However, many people don't follow this advice simply because of the costs associated with the procedures.

For those with older tyres too, this is a great opportunity to fix those niggling issues caused by our pothole filled Indian roads. Our roads are some of the worst in the world and the potholes can really mess with your alignment and balancing. To ensure your tyre's and your suspension's longevity, regular alignment and balancing of your car tyres is a must.

The offer simply requires you to provide the following information i.e. name, email id, city and mobile number (Personal Identifiable Information). The Personal Identifiable Information is requested to enable CEAT to issue the coupon code and/or to validate the coupon code at the select outlet.

This coupon code is valid only for 2 months from the date of issue.

For more information regarding the terms and conditions of the offer and to find your nearest CEAT shoppe click here.

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