Michelin Scooter Tyres

Michelin Tyres manufactures 4 tyres that can fit in Scooters. Price for Michelin Scooter tyre starts at Rs. 1,376 in India. Michelin produces one of the best Tube Type and Tubeless tyres for Scooters. Other top manufactures that produces Scooter tyres are MRF, CEAT and Apollo. Below you can browse the entire range of Michelin Scooter tyres manufactured by the brand.
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Michelin Tyre FAQs

There are 52 Michelin Tyres tyres available, out of which 33 can be fitted into car, 18 can be fitted in bike and 4 can be fitted into scooter.

There are 7 tyre series in Michelin which are LATTITUDE SPORT, LATITUDE TOUR, PILOT SPORT, PRIMACY 3, LTX, SCORCHER and PRIMACY.

The lowest-priced tyre in Michelin is Michelin CITY PRO IND and available for Rs.1,376 and the highest priced tyre is Michelin CITY GRIP for Rs.2,471.

Michelin Tyres are available in Tube Type and Tubeless.

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