Porsche Taycan Now Available with Continental ProContact RX Tyre

Porsche uses Continental premium tyres as part of the Taycan's standard equipment. The PremiumContact 6 summer tyre, ProContact RX all-season tyre, and WinterContact TS 860 S winter tyre, all with XL markings for greater load force, have been approved by Continental. The PremiumContact 6, the ADAC test champion in the major summer tyre test in 2021, was designed specifically for sporty and pleasant driving, and it offers not only low braking distances but also exceptional cornering stability even at high speeds.

The Continental ProContact RX is an all-season touring tyre that focuses on traction and braking performance on both dry and wet roads. For superb dry handling, the WinterContact TS 860 S combines dependable performance in the snow with good steering precision.

"In electromobility, the lowest possible rolling resistance, low noise emissions and a high load-bearing capacity of the tire play an important role. In original equipment, of course, great importance is also attached to the tire's handling characteristics, as these have a significant impact on the vehicle's driving behaviour. The Porsche Taycan is a good example of a high-performance electric vehicle with high driving pleasure. In these vehicles, safety-relevant properties at high speeds and a perfect match of the tire to the vehicle are the focus of tire design," says Dr. Holger Lange, head of tire development for Continental's original equipment business.

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Continental's strong position in the all-electric car tyre category is bolstered by the Porsche Taycan's approval. Six of the ten highest-volume electric vehicle manufacturers in the world relied on Continental's high-level technological competence for its tyre original equipment in 2020.

Porsche Taycan Approved Tyres:

  • PremiumContact 6, 225/55 R 19 XL
  • PremiumContact 6, 275/45 R 19 XL
  • ProContact RX, 225/55 R 19 XL
  • ProContact RX, 275/45 R 19 XL
  • ProContact RX, 245/45 R 20 XL
  • ProContact RX, 285/40 R 20 XL
  • ProContact RX, 265/35 R 21 XL
  • ProContact RX, 305/30 R 21 XL
  • WinterContact TS 860 S, 225/55 R 19 XL
  • WinterContact TS 860 S, 275/45 R 19 XL

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