Planning On Buying Scooter- Tyres? Read This Before Buying

According to leading tyre manufacturing companies, tyres play a major role in placing the power and performance of the scooter onto the tarmac. Scooters contribute around 32 percent share in the market when considering the automobile industry and hence it is an absolute necessity to mount on superior tyres for safety.

Two-wheeler are popular among middle class families and teenagers in India as they are easy to drive and maintain, hence, the requirement for superb tyres is present. So we have put together a list of what one must consider before buying tyres for their scooter to receive better performance and safety.

OEM Tyres:

According to our tyre geeks, the experts know which tyre is best suitable for a scooter. Original Equipment manufacturers consider precise parameters to study and provide the best possible tyres for your scooter. So, the tyres produced by leading manufacturers such as Maxxis, MRF etc. will know what they are producing and the customer will also get a guarantee on the performance of the tyres.

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Note: Always prefer OEM tyres from brands that are popular.

Preference in size:

It is important to know the correct tyre size since tyre sizes play a major role in providing the performance that the vehicle is meant to give. Tyres which are larger or smaller than the OEM prescribed size will lead to loss of performance in terms of fuel economy figures and lesser load capacity respectively. The ground clearance will also be effected if the OEM tyre specification is not maintained. ( Larger tyres could touch the inner finder whereas, smaller tyres will have lesser load capacity. )

Pattern and tread design:

Always try buying tyres which have tread pattern that suits your driving style and conditions in which the tyres have to perform. OEM tyres are the best choice because they will be designed to suit the vehicle and its performance output.

Note: Different tyre patterns are meant for driving in different conditions.

Tube or Tubeless Tyres:

This is another important element which tells the durability and reliability of the tyres. Tube tyres are much more dangerous than the tubeless tyres. Tube fitter tyres could burst if not properly maintained whereas the tubeless tyres can be driven even after a puncture. However, this does not mean that tube tyres are absolutely bad, they work just fine as a tubeless tyre but we highly recommend getting tubeless tyres.

Note: Do not mix up the vehicle's tyres with tube as well as tubeless. Tube fitted tyres cannot be converted to tubeless without the replacement of the spoke tyres into alloy wheels.

Purchase from Genuine Outlets:

Always purchase from Genuine Retail Outlets since they will provide quality products and warranty.

Note: Copies of the branded tyres are made and sold in the market hence we request you to purchase from authorised dealers.

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