Michelin Uptis Takes Its First Spin In Public On A Mini Electric

As a leader and supporter of sustainable mobility, Michelin was eager to attend this event dedicated to mobility. As Yves Chapot, General Manager of the Michelin Group, pointed out while visiting the event, “Michelin’s strategy is focused on sustainable mobility. That’s why our ambition is to be using 100% sustainable materials in our tires by 2050. The VISION concept demonstrates Michelin’s ability to meet this challenge and our commitment to offer products and services that are environmentally sound throughout their entire life cycle.”

A first! The MICHELIN Uptis took to the road for the first time in public on a Mini Electric. This was an exclusive experience for certain lucky members of the general public who had the opportunity to take a ride and test this revolutionary tire. “The truly distinctive structure of the MICHELIN Uptis prototype, or its ‘weirdness’ as we have often heard it called, really attracted the attention of many visitors and left a lasting impression on them. It was an exceptional experience for us, and our greatest satisfaction came at the end of the demonstration when our passengers, who were admittedly a little wary at first, said they felt no difference compared with conventional tires,” said Cyrille Roget, Michelin Group Technical and Scientific Communications Director. This experience bodes well for Michelin, which remains on course to bring the first Uptis tire to market in 2024!

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MICHELIN Uptis is the first stage in the Group's VISION Concept, which includes airless technology that decreases environmental impact and eliminates the risk of punctures. MICHELIN Uptis is a remarkable technological breakthrough, thanks to its unique material structure, and it exemplifies Michelin's pioneering attitude and devotion to innovation.

Michelin Uptis

Sustainable transportation, according to Michelin, is inextricably linked to sustainable materials. Michelin's first tyre composed of 46 percent sustainable materials, which was first unveiled in June at the Movin'On Summit 2021, was also on show. This innovation demonstrates Michelin’s ability to use an ever-increasing proportion of sustainable materials in its products without compromising their performance. This year, Michelin announced its ambition to be using 100% sustainable materials in all its tires by 2050.

The Group is relying largely on the circular economy to address the major challenge of employing 100 percent sustainable resources by 2050. This strategy strives to provide value to the maximum number of people in all areas and phases (production, manufacturing, consumption, and so on), while using less raw materials to conserve natural resources. Michelin's 4R Strategy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Renew) ensures that only what is absolutely necessary is consumed. Bio-based materials and new recycling technologies are becoming more important to the Group.

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