Know About The Tyres of KTM 250 ADVENTURE 2021

The KTM 250 ADVENTURE is a lightweight motorcycle brought to rock the world of motoring . The 250 ADVENTURE is Perfect for daily commuting but most importantly, this motorcycle is made for venturing out into the unknown.

The design of the KTM 250 Adventure is aesthetically appealing. This motorcycle is rugged, powerful, and agile which makes it easy to ride on uneven surfaces and while performing off-road maneuvers. It is no surprise that this motorcycle performs well on tarmac too. The 250 ADVENTURE from KTM is made for pure rally experience. We can assure you that it is a capable motorcycle which can withstand the tough terrain presented to it. Its unique design was inspired by other KTM rally bikes which makes it superb.

With all said, the motorcycle would not be unique without the tough and all terrain tyres. We present you the details of the tyres that this bike is equipped with:

NOTE: The KTM 250 ADVENTURE comes withMRF Mogrip Meteor- FM2tyre sized 100/90 R19 in the front and 130/80R17 in the rear

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About the MRF Mogrip Meteor- FM2 tyres of KTM 250 ADVENTURE :

The MoGrip Meteor-FM2 is one of the exclusive tyre series of the brand named MRF. The MRF Mogrip Meteor-FM2 has tough sidewall and strong interior constructed with the superior technology that MRF offers. The superior elements used in the tyre construction enables the tyres to perform well in wet and dry conditions.

The continuous and deep grooves from center to corner provides good grip and cornering capabilities. The deep groove channels draw the water away from the contact patch resulting in resistance to aquaplaning which provides traction to consider cornering. The innovative tread compound and robust construction minimize tread wear and the tread pattern offers confident wet and dry grip performance.

The tyres of KTM 250 ADVENTURE has been constructed with the state-of-the-art technology which keeps the motorcycle firm on the road while turning at high speeds giving the rider confidence to maneuver even in wet weather condition. The advanced compound contributes to longer tread life.

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