Dawson Tyre & Wheel Launches TreadSure App

Tyres have and will play a crucial role in deciding the trade value of the agricultural equipment. Based on the percent of tread that remains on a tyre, the equipment's value is decided in the second-hand market. Since tyre tread is a matter of concern, Dawson tyre & Wheel has introduced the TreadSure App which helps in improving the accuracy of such valuations. The Dawson Tyre & Wheel App is now available for iOS and Android versions.

“We can send dealers tread depth gauges, but that doesn’t help them determine if there is 50%, 20% or 90% tread left on the tyre. The manufacturers all have that information in their data books, but you almost have to have a degree in tyre engineering to understand it,” says Eric MacPherson, CEO of Dawson Tyre & Wheel.

To understand this better, let us consider the example of Firestone. MacPherson says Firestone has a thorough data book online, however, it takes a long time to just download the PDF file and even longer time to start looking for the data. “There wasn’t one consolidated place to find the data, and every manufacturer is different. With the TreadSure app, it’s easy to use and now anybody can check the tread depth and determine the percent remaining, no matter what tyre they put in the system,” he says.

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The TreadSure App allows its users to select tyre brand, model, size and condition in addition to entering the tread depth values. After the information asked is completed, users get an opportunity to add a tyre location and create a form which can be emailed to the individual who is handling the valuation of the equipment.

This is indeed a brilliant move to create the best outcome. Now that there is a platform to analyze the condition of the tyres, the process of valuation becomes much easier.

About Dawson Tyre & Wheel:

Though it was a “small” tyre shop, the people at Dawson were thinking big. First, they started selling irrigation tyres and wheels nationwide. Then, that small town tyre shop expanded into a full-service retail tyre store. Continuing to grow, the company changed its name to Dawson Tyre & Wheel and started to focus more on Ag and irrigation wholesale business. But, from its roots as a retail supplier, the company identified a couple holes in the retail Ag tyre market. And, it never stopped thinking “big.” says Eric MacPherson, Founder & Owner of Dawson Tyre & Wheel

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