Convert Tube Tyres To Tubeless On Your Avenger 220

The Bajaj Avenger 220 cruise is one of the best selling bikes that the manufacturer has created. The cruiser is best recognized for the comfortable ride and stability that it provides in straight line-highways. The pillion comfort on the bike is also best in this segment. Overall the stock tyres which are MRF Zapper will provide the performance required to take on lean angles and set better stability while cornering.

But the story we are planning to provide is not just about the stock tube fitted tyres. We are presenting you with the best alternative tubeless tyres for the Bajaj Avenger 220 cruise. Okay, so here is the deal. If you want to convert your tyres into tubless tyres with ultimate grip and performance package then it is recommended to choose the Apollo Actizip series.

Note: There is a requirement to change the tyres into alloy wheels for the bike to be equipped with the tubless tyre package. It is recommended to opt for the Street version alloys but you could also go for aftermarket alloys suitable for your vehicle.

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Now its business time so lets talk about the Apollo Actizip series. The front tyres can be replaced with the Actizip F2 for front (90/90 - 17) & Actizip R5 for rear (130/90 - 15)

The Apollo Actizip F2:(Front)

The tyres provide improved directional stability because of the continuous centre groove with oriented stress relieving sipes which provides the maximum stability while encountering corners. The grooves which are deep allow the tyres to sweep away the water from the contact patch which means that there is resistance to aquaplaning or hydroplaning which a positive thing. This allows the tyres to provide the traction required in wet and dry weather conditions.

The directional pattern with aesthetically styled shoulder assists the rider to attempt and corner with confidence and allows the rider to take the motorcycle to high speeds thanks to the stability that the tyres provide. The tyres provide uniform tread wear and is easy to mount and dismount. The stress free bead structure helps in installation of tyres with ease.

The ApolloActizip R5: (Rear)

The Actizip R5 is a tyre that is well known for its efficiency in terms of improved fuel economy. The new tread design with extended cross over grooves provides the traction that is necessary in wet weather conditions. The improved wear regularity ensures long durable life span of the tyres. The deep groves provide channeling to let water move away from the contact patch so that the tyres could provide traction even in wet weather condition.

The strong sidewall ensures enhanced stability and balance even at high speeds. The tyres are capable of providing uniform foot print pressure distribution and is safe to be driven on all terrain conditions. The variable groove shape is efficient in water dispersal and provides improved dry traction.

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