Check Out The Tyres Suitable For Mahindra Bolero-2020

Mahindra is one of the car manufactures that has stayed true to the design and has always tried their best to pack its vehicles with features. Even though their flagship Bolero has been an exception, the Bolero 2020 has few tricks under its sleeves and thus has remained as one of the company's best selling SUV even after a decade. The Tyres of the Bolero-2020 has been known for their outstanding performance both on road and off-the-road conditions.

Here is everything that you need to know about the different tyre brands suitable for the all new Mahindra Bolero-2020:

Note: The following are the tyre size for Mahindra Bolero from the year 2017 to 2020: The tyre size has remained the same even for the new 2020 bolero.

Variant Name (Tyre Size Guide) Tyre Size
LX 215/75R15
SLE 215/75R15
Plus Non AC BS4 PS 215 / 75 R 15
SLX 215/75R15
Plus AC BS4 PS 185 / 75 R 16
ZLX 215/75R15
Special Edition 215/75 R15

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MRF Wanderer:

These are one of the most popular SUV tyres in India. The MRF Wanderer range is available for a wide variety of vehicles and have four main series of AT (all-terrain), Sport, S/L and Street.

MRF Wanderer tyres have lots of features which makes it unique like the multi layered reinforced steel belt package with N-66 cap ply that enhances performance on all terrains. Further, its bold sidewall graphics makes the vehicle look distinctive and stylish. MRF offers the wanderer tyre with a multi-layer hi-modulus carcass and sidewall that gives a superior driving experience on different types of road surfaces. Some of the benefits include consistent performance at all speeds, wide grooves for outstanding grip in wet conditions, enhanced endurance and safe braking capabilities and last but not the least, it provides optimum performance throughout the year.


The Wrangler AT/SA tyres from Goodyear are 4x4 tyres which has the strength to take on all terrains. It offers an equally impressive on road handling. Goodyear Wrangler AT/SA features SilentArmor Technology allowing the driver to confidently tackle tough terrains. The 2 high tensile steel belts adds toughness to the tyre to encounter any type of off road terrain.

The open intermediate tread groove, multiple block edges and deep shoulder notches assists the tyres in providing maximum performance in all types of terrains. The Tread pattern provides improved on road traction and handling.

Apollo APTERRA H/T2:

The Apterra HT2 provides better fuel efficiency considering other manufacturers. It is best known for low noise and great grip during the dry and wet seasons. The performance of the Apterra HT2 is supreme while comparing other tyre in this series. The strong sidewall and the optimized sipe ends provide superior grip even in wet weather conditions

The tyre comes with sticky rubber compound that offers superior grip and responsive braking. In wet weather conditions the tyres provide superior handling capabilities and stability to maneuver the vehicle and encounter corners. The wide contact patch with high rubber content makes for superior handling even on a bad section of tarmac. The deep grooves provides resistance to hydroplaning which means overall better grip or traction in wet weather conditions.

Michelin LTX FORCE:

The Michelin LTX force series tyres perform superb in wet condition. The tyres provide enhanced braking in wet road conditions which makes it suitable in areas where the tyres constantly have to deal with such weather conditions.

The tyres have hydroplaning resistance due to the groove design which means that the the contact area will effectively remove water through the channel of the groove which will provide maximum traction even in wet conditions. The tread pattern assures good grip while cornering and the tyre provides stability due to wider contact patch

Goodyear GT3:

The Goodyear GT3 is designed for luxury SUVs. These SUV tyres are exclusively engineered to maximize the potential on both wet and dry roads in confidence and comfort.

Goodyear says that the robust tyre construction ensures high puncture resistance and performance consistency throughout the tyre’s life expectancy mentioned by the manufacturer. Goodyear also believes that these tyres perform well even on bad road conditions. The tyre is suitable for the Indian road conditions and the manufacturer has focused on increasing the average fuel economy with the help of the GT3 series tyre.

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