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Maruti Suzuki Ignis is a funky little hatchback which packs with power, good fuel economy and punch to keep your spirits high. Even though the car is small in size, it has best boot space in its segment and has been known for being modern. The team plans to target this vehicle at the youngsters in the country and hence has decided to go with wide variety of colour options. They also come in dual-tone which is impressive.

The performance package that the Maruti Suzuki Ignis offers definitely has the involvement of tyres. Tyres have been always that part of a car without which the performance in terms of powerful engine and transmission becomes an utter waste.

We thought of helping you guys out with deciding which tyre suits your needs and hence we have put together details of each tyre in the following:

The Maruti Suzuki Ignis 2017-20 comes with a tyre size of 15 inches. In terms of choices, there are 14 tyre makers like LINGLONGMRF and CEAT that offers tyre options for the Ignis 2017-20 in India. Prices for Maruti Ignis 2017-20 tyres start at Rs. 3,994 and popular tyre models that fit are B290ZLX and MILAZE X3.

NOTE: The following is the tyres size guide for Maruti Suzuki Ignis

Variant Name(Tyre Size Guide)Tyre Size
Sigma 1.2 MT175/65 R15
Delta 1.2 MT175/65 R15
1.3 Diesel Sigma175/65 R15
ZETA 1.2 MT175/65 R15
Delta 1.2 AMT175/65 R15
ZETA 1.2 AMT175/65 R15
1.3 Diesel Delta175/65 R15
ALPHA 1.2 MT175/65 R15
1.3 Diesel Zeta175/65 R15
1.3 Diesel Auto Delta175/65 R15
ALPHA 1.2 AMT175/65 R15
1.3 Diesel Auto Zeta175/65 R15
1.3 Diesel Alpha175/65 R15
1.3 Diesel Auto Alpha175/65 R15

Bridgestone B290:

The Bridgestone B290 is made for performance. It performs well in wet and dry conditions and the tread patter allows one to brake even in wet conditions. To reduce the noise created while driving, Bridgestone has carved five different tread blocks on the tyre.

The channel created on the surface of the tyre ensures resistance to aquaplaning which means that the water which comes in contact with tyre patch is channeled through the grooves to exit from the surface so that the tyre can get more traction in wet conditions. The braking capacity increases and a shorter braking distance can be expected from the Bridgestone B290 series.

The superior quality rubber used in manufacturing the tyres provides ample amount of comfort and smoothness to the rider. The capability of resisting hydroplaning allows the rider to drive with confidence. The tyre tread and the groove channelling ensures a smooth ride and the stability that the rider requires to deal with the corners.

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Michelin Energy XM2:

Michelin's latest generation of tyres are made to deliver the best performance on Indian roads, offering a perfect match of safety, longevity and fuel efficiency. The tyres helps in braking and stops up to 1.7 meters shorter based on external tests done by Shanghai Motor Vehicles Centre on MICHELIN Energy XM2, measuring dry road braking distance from 100 to 0 km/h.

The tread compound is more flexible. It better adapts itself to the irregularities of the road surface (Micro-Adaptive Compound). Then, the wider grooves on the tread evacuate a greater volume of water, reducing risk of aquaplaning (Wide Tread Grooves).

MICHELIN Energy XM2 is known for being environmentally friendly reducing tyre particles that cause tyre pollution. The tyres are known to increase the fuel economy thanks to its compounds and elements used while constructing the tyre. It is also suitable to be driven with since it ensures maximum smoothness and comfort even on bad section of roads that are found in the Indian terrains.

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The MRF ZLX tyre provides ample amount of grip or traction on dry conditions. The tread pattern is designed to provide better handling and precise steering output which gives the driver the confidence to easily maneuver the vehicle while cornering.

The MRF ZLX is constructed with attractive bow- shaped sidewall design which enhances the cornering capabilities. The tyres are designed with unique lateral grooves which provide traction and improved ride comfort. It also has wide primary grooves for water-channeling that is resistance to aquaplaning.

The tyre provides excellent comfort on highways and provides decent fuel economy figures. The tread pattern of the tyre along with larger outer shoulder assists the driver by providing precise steering control during lane change maneuvers. The stiffer rib at the centre and specially optimised contact patch provides stability as well as precise steering output.


If you need tyres that can not only run longer than usual but also offer uncompromised safety, then the CEAT Milaze X3 is the right set of tyres that you would need. The tyres have been specially designed to offer long tread life and superior performance in the long run also. The tyres provide superior traction that is required in wet conditions.

The innovative tread compound and robust construction minimize tread wear and the tread pattern offers confident wet and dry grip performance. The tread compound provides enhanced tyre life of up to 1 lakh kms. This is an assured number provided by the manufacturers themselves. The high rubber content helps in uniform wearing of the tyre to improve fuel economy numbers. The wide circumferential grooves ensure superior braking in wet conditions.

Goodyear Assurance TripleMax:

The Goodyear Assurance triplemax is well known for providing maximum braking ability. The tyre is an original equipment which provides maximum stability. It comes as a tubeless tyre that has been designed to present excellent braking ability & improve the fuel efficiency.

The tyre has large block elements which provides increased contact area for extra security while trying to slow down the vehicle. The tyre has an Innovative polymer tread compound with improved molecular bonding which brings grip or improved traction to a whole new level. Such a practical tyre for uncertain Indian driving conditions can make a difference to you and your loved ones.

The tyres provide excellent traction thanks to the elements used in this compound such as the silica tread compound. The wider grooves seen on the tyres are designed for better water evacuation and for resistance from aquaplaning.

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