A Python Was Rescued In Mumbai From The Tyre Of A Car

Ever heard of snake taking shelter in tyres? A huge Python was found in the tyre of a car in Mumbai, India. This incident caused a ruckus in Mumbai due to a huge traffic-jam caused by the humongous Python. The snake somehow managed to slither across a busy street before it decided to hide under a car.

The whole incident was caught on video by a spectator which later became a viral video on social media. The video of the Python moving across the road and hiding underneath the car was all caught on camera.

Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda was among those who shared the video on Twitter. The video consisted of the snake catchers who were working together to free the Python.

The tyres of the car had to be removed to free the snake which was stuck in the tyre. People were curious to watch the snake being carried away from underneath the car.

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"In monsoon snakes can sneak into vehicles. Just be little careful," Mr Nanda wrote while posting the video on the social media platforms.

A 10-foot python was rescued in Mumbai on Monday.

Click the link to watch the video.

The rescue video has gone viral with thousands of views across social media platforms. 

"Now that's a huge snake," wrote one person in the comments section, while another said, "So shocking".

According to PTI news agency, a police officer said that the python caused a traffic jam as it slithered across the Eastern Express Highway. The police official said that many car drivers and motorcyclists stopped to look at the nearly 10-feet-long snake which was attempting to cross the road, causing a traffic jam on the busy highway,

The snake was handed over to the forest department which later released it in a forest in Thane district.

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